cinta adalah sesuatu yg universal dan cinta itu bisa kita ungkapin lewat berbagai cara salah satunya say it with a song ,lagu mempunyai meaning and feeling of something ,makanya lagu bisa meningatkan sesuatu akan hal hal yg indah yg pernah kita lalui , dn skrg saya akan memberikan list lagu yg menurut saya ,the most romantic songs i have ever heard yg pernah ada di muka bumi ini ,dan mungkin aga lawas tapi sumpah eeunak banget didengerin .

  1. -show me the way back to your heart — brian mc knight
  2. – again — janet
  3. -everything i do i doit for u — bryan adams
  4. -foolish games – jewel
  5. my baby u – marc anthony
  6. ill make alove to you –boys II men
  7. unintended- muse
  8. i dont have the heart – james ingram
  9. onlyreminds me of u– st paul
  10. she is gone
  11. youre all ineed
  12. till death do us apart
  13. i need u — 3t
  14. forever love – color me bad
  15. in arush
  16. back to you
  17. can u stop the rain
  18. destiny
  19. in this life
  20. its true
  21. love will lead you back
  22. lately
  23. endless love
  24. ill be loving u forever
  25. heaven knows
  26. knife
  27. just for you
  28. still
  29. teardrops
  30. over and over agin
  31. love is
  32. tahnk you for loving me
  33. end of the road
  34. where didi my heart go
  35. miracle
  36. leanna songs
  37. child
  38. forever love
  39. i do
  40. this i promise u
  41. backthan
  42. first love
  43. lookin through the eyes of love
  44. lost for word
  45. purest of the pain
  46. you are my everything
  47. on bended knee
  48. best i ever heard
  49. entregate
  50. till i love you
  51. it must have been love
  52. fallen
  53. right here waiting
  54. i cant wait forever
  55. i will always love u
  56. in love with u
  57. spending my time
  58. no more rhyme
  59. it migth be u
  60. runaway
  61. colour everywhere
  62. i swear
  63. love is all around
  64. glory of love
  65. 6,8,12
  66. first of may
  67. i want to spent my love time
  68. trust
  69. i love you
  70. i fall and over again
  71. please forgive me
  72. out of the blue
  73. shoulder to cry on
  74. boulevard
  75. thanks to u
  76. i live my love for you
  77. finally found someone
  78. dreamaway
  79. my all
  80. i turn to you
  81. hero
  82. i love you goodbye
  83. shower me with you love
  84. i love you
  85. love at second sight
  86. the day i fall in love tonigh i celebrate my love
  87. fixing abroken heart
  88. can u feel the love tonight
  89. how deep is your love
  90. paradise
  91. i want to know what love is
  92. the day you went away
  93. lady
  94. when i need u
  95. stay the same
  96. said i love u but i lied
  97. missing u know
  98. once in a life time
  99. ill remember you
  100. cherish
  101. my valentine
  102. from this moment
  103. ill be there for you
  104. dont let it end
  105. i wanna take forever tonigh t
  106. one day in your life
  107. dont sleep away
  108. if love is blind
  109. here in my heart
  110. ive been waiting for you

pokoknya semua lagu diatas adalah lagu romantis menurut gw …….


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